About the trip / A propos du voyage

21La Condesa, Mexico City (blog post)

02Biking to the airport! Paris

Lovers of travel and adventure, we jumped on the opportunity to take a one year sabbatical to delve into the Americas. We have but two set dates for when we will be where. June 5 we land in Mexico City at midnight after 22 hours of travel. July 12 we will arrive in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala to start four weeks of intensive Spanish classes. Between these two dates, we’ll be exploring southern Mexico, traveling, as a fellow backpacker/blogger put it, at the speed of enjoyment. Come August 7, a better command of the Spanish language and Latin American history under our money-belts, we’ll take to the rest of Guatemala before plunging southward through Central America (the countries are conveniently aligned one after another). And then onto South America where we’ll travel through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, before following the Pacific Coast down Chili and making our way back upward through Argentina. Or maybe after Bolivia we’ll head eastward and travel south through Argentina before coming back up through Chili. We’ll just have to see where the wind and enjoyment takes us.

215Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca, Mexico (blog post)

DCIM100GOPROMuseo Mural Diego Rivera, Mexico City (blog post)

Amoureux de voyage et d’aventure, nous avons sauté sur l’opportunité de prendre une année sabbatique pour nous immerger dans les Amériques. Nous n’avons que deux dates figées pour notre voyage. Le 5 juin nous atterrissons à minuit à México après 22 heures de voyage. Le 12 juillet nous arriverons à Quetzaltenango au Guatemala pour quatre semaines de cours intensifs d’espagnol. Entre ces deux dates, nous allons explorer le sud du Méxique, au rythme de nos rencontres, de nos découvertes, et surtout au rythme du plaisir. A partir du 7 août, avec en poche un peu plus d’espagnol et de connaissance de l’histoire latino américaine, nous arpenterons le reste du Guatemala avant de partir en direction du sud à travers l’Amérique Centrale (les pays sont idéalement alignés les uns à la suite des autres). Puis nous passerons en Amérique du Sud où nous ferons chemin à travers la Colombie, l’Equateur, le Pérou et la Bolivie avant de descendre la Côte Pacifique au Chili et remonter par l’Argentine. Ou peut être qu’après la Bolivie nous prendrons cap vers l’est, descendrons par l’Argentine avant de remonter la côte chilienne. Nous verrons où les vents nous emmèneront.

Below, a sample blog from each country /// Ci-dessous un exemple de blog pour chaque pays:

DCIM100GOPROSpinning in Monte Albán, Mexico (blog post)

364La Habana, Cuba (blog post)

636Highest point in Central America, Tajumulco, Guatemala (blog post)

852Love birds in Copán, Honduras (blog post)

DCIM100GOPROLove birds in El Tunco, El Salvador (blog post)

1186 granada nicaragua cathedralCathedral tower, Granada, Nicaragua (blog post)

1298 Puerto ViejoPuerto Viejo, Costa Rica (blog post)

1330 Panama CanalPanama Canal, Panamá (blog post)

DCIM100GOPROSan Blas Islands (blog post)

DCIM100GOPROBotero Museum, Medellín, Colombia (blog post)

DCIM100GOPROBasílica del Voto Nacional, Quito, Ecuador (blog post)

DCIM103GOPROSand dunes, Ica, Perú (blog post)

2149 Uyuni Salt Flats BoliviaUyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia (blog post)

DCIM108GOPROValle de la Luna, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (blog post)



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  1. Maria Reiland June 4, 2015 — 4:10 am

    You two are very adventurous and brave!! So glad to see that you are undertaking such a monumental trip!!! It is very important to do follow your dreams while you are young and be able to enjoy and take advantage of all that is awaiting you!!! Have a great experience and come back full of memories and wisdom!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad to hear that you also studied the history of the countries you are merely touching the surface! Whenever we speak of you and your travels, people marvel to hear that you have been able to begin and continue such an adventures .be in so many communities in three months and still have so many communities to explore!


  3. I pressed enter prior to editing my comment… I hate to see typos and misconstruction of sentences.


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