From Santiago we bused 12 hours south to Valdivia, Chile. Valdivia is known for strong earthquakes (the strongest earthquake ever recorded in the world had its shake in 1960, measuring in at about 9.6 on the Richter scale, its epicenter near Valdivia), German food/beer (in the late 19th century, thousands of Germans arrived on Chilean shores near Valdivia bringing with them breweries and German food), and sea-lions.

2364 Valdivia Chile sea lions

De Santiago nous sommes descendus 12 heures de bus plus au sud, à Valdivia. Valdivia est célèbre pour ses séismes (le plus fort tremblement de terre jamais enregistré, d’une magnitude de 9,6 sur l’échelle de Richter, a eu lieu en 1960. Son épicentre était proche de Valdivia), sa nourriture et ses bières allemandes (à la fin du 19ème siècle des milliers d’Allemands ont débarqué sur la côte chilienne près de Valdivia, apportant avec eux brasseries et gastronomie allemandes) et ses lions de mer.

2365 Valdivia Chile sea lionsOur first views of the river proved fruitful in seeing the massive sea creatures. The males really do look like lions with flippers. /// Notre première balade en bord de rivière a été en compagnie des massives créatures marines. Les mâles ressemblent réellement à des lions, équipés de nageoires.

2366 Valdivia Chile street art

DCIM111GOPROValdivia’s cathedral has a certain strictly-practical look to it. /// La cathédrale de Valdivia a un style pour le moins épuré.

2368 Valdivia Chile cathedralThe rise and fall of Valdivia’s most important churches and cathedrals, the falls corresponding with years of strong seismic activity. No sugar-coating around it, the current cathedral has a space after the 1996 – /// Les constructions et destructions successives des églises et cathédrales de Valdivia ; les dates de destructions correspondent à des années à forte activité sismique. Valdivia ne se voile pas la face, l’actuelle cathédrale à un espace après le “1996 –“.



DCIM111GOPROCraft beer enjoyment /// Dégustation de bières artisanales

2372 Valdivia Chile st patricks day cookiesMaking cookies /// Cookies !

2373 Valdivia Chile Kunstmann breweryWe went to Valdivia’s most commercial brewery for a brewery tour and tastings. We had just missed the on-the-hour tour, so with 45 minutes to spare, we indulged in some window  reflection photo-fun. /// Nous n’avons pas manqué de visiter la brasserie la plus célèbre de Valdivia pour une visite/dégustation. Ayant manqué de peu l’heure de visite précédente nous avions 45 minutes d’attente avant notre tour, nous avons passé le temps à notre manière, à prendre des photos amusantes.

2374 Valdivia Chile Kunstmann brewery

2376 Valdivia Chile Kunstmann brewery

2377 Valdivia Chile Kunstmann brewery

2401 Valdivia Chile Kunstmann

2378 Valdivia Chile Kunstmann brewery hopsLúpulos, hops, grows up, on vines! /// Lúpulos, le houblon, est une plante plutôt grimpante !

DCIM111GOPROThe Ford truck used during Oktoberfest to deliver delicious brews. /// La fourgonnette Ford utilisée durant la Oktoberfest pour délivrer les fûts de bière.

2381 Valdivia Chile Kunstmann brewery tourServing ourselves straight from the tank, Torobayo unfiltered. /// Nous nous sommes servis directement à partir de la cuve à bière, Torobayo non-filtrée.

2382 Valdivia Chile Kunstmann brewery tour



2384 Valdivia Chile Kunstmann brewery tastingAfterward we tried twelve mini-beers /// Après la visite nous avons testé douze mini-bières

2384b Valdivia Chile Kunstmann brewery tasting

Click here for a beer tasting. /// Cliquez ici pour une dégustation de bières.

2385 Valdivia Chile feria fluvial fish marketOn Sunday we headed to the Feria Fluvial, the fish market. As you can see, the fishermen had an attentive garbage disposal. /// Le dimanche nous avons fait un tour à la Feria Fluvial, le marché aux poissons. Comme vous pouvez voir, les poissonniers ont une poubelle à déchets très attentive.

2386 Valdivia Chile feria fluvial fish market

2387 Valdivia Chile feria fluvial fish market

2388 Valdivia Chile Feria Fluvial Fish Market

2389 Valdivia Chile feria fluvial fish market

2385 Valdivia Chile Foucault pendulumFoucault’s pendulum /// Pendule de Foucault

2390 Valdivia Chile feria fluvial fish market

2391 Valdivia Chile botanical gardenRoad to the UACH University which houses a botanical garden. /// Route arborée vers l’Université UACH et son jardin botanique.

2392 Valdivia Chile botanical garden

DCIM111GOPROChile’s national tree, Araucaria Angustifolia /// Arbre national du Chili, Araucaria Angustifolia.

2393 Valdivia Chile botanical garden Araucaria angustifolia

2394 Valdivia Chile botanical garden

2395 Valdivia Chile botanical garden

2398 Valdivia ChileEven though we had bused about 30 hours south from where we started in Chile, we were still only at the halfway point of the country : I’m standing in Valdivia, Julien is at the southern tip of Patagonia. /// Bien que nous ayons parcouru une trentaine d’heures de bus vers le sud depuis notre point de départ au nord du Chili, nous n’étions toujours qu’à la moitié du pays. Anne se tient debout vers Valdivia, moi je suis à la pointe sud de la Patagonie.

2399 Valdivia Chile

2400 Valdivia ChileHanging out, passing time before our night bus back up to Santiago. Next stop: Mendoza, Argentina! /// Un peu de repos au bord de la rivière avant notre bus de nuit retour vers Santiago. Prochaine étape : Mendoza en Argentine !



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  2. What an experience to be able to drive the Kuntsmanm. When my sister Ana lived in Guate and at the time had 5 children, she had one of those Volks Wagen vans…. it looked a lot like the one you played around… color and all. We laughed at your faces behind the wooden cut outs. I am sure you knew you were in the wrong gender. In regards to the Cathedral, you would think it would be built in a different spot after so many earthquakes. I love the “alameda” going towards the university… So so pretty.
    The market place with all the colors… I would go wild just looking at all those veggies and fruits. I don’t think I would like to be near those sea lions, are they dangerous?
    So you were in Patagonia… that is very far from ol’ Sparta.
    Dad really liked the beer tasting… he especially enjoyed Anne serving herself of the nectar from the gods…
    You both look nice under the national tree… very nice picture… not that others are not nice, but I do like that one… Dad noticed you had a new shirt, Anne.
    I forgot to ask you if you ever saw anyone painting on the walls of the city… unless I have already forgotten that I asked you and also forgotten your answer.
    Well my dearest travelers… continue enjoying yourselves and you opportunities that still await you… I am anxious to see you dance the Tango!


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